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The charming former fishing village of Altea is one of the most scenic and character-filled spots on the coast of the Costa Blanca in Spain.

The charming former fishing village of Altea is one of the most scenic and character-filled spots on the coast of the Costa Blanca in Spain. While it's just a stone's throw away from the popular tourist spot of Benidorm, Altea's unique appeal and heritage gives a wonderfully different experience, perfect for those hoping to discover something more.

Location and history

Altea is an historic fishing village located on the Costa Blanca North. With a small population of 20,000 and a cluster of small lanes, meandering paths and older buildings, the town retains an authentic sense of Spanish charm, that has not been lost amongst the growth in tourism to the area.

With its convenient location close to the mouth of the river Algar, Altea grew in popularity over the centuries as a valuable harbour, drawing in a wide variety of people, including Greeks, Iberians, Arabs and Romans - each of whom left their mark in the culture and architecture of the village.

Things to see

One of the most iconic sights in Altea is the church of Nuestra Senora del Consuelo, with its striking blue dome, perched on top of the hill. Surrounded by clusters of white-washed houses and blooms of bougainvillea, the winding path up the hill to reach the church is a pleasure in itself. Home to festivals and fiestas through the year, the church brings a lively touch to village life.

Around the hill top, you'll also find much of the old town of Altea, thronged with small artisan shops and eateries. Traditional craftsman show off pottery, jewellery and many other forms of local artwork, with a rich artistic atmosphere.

Beach life

Away from the cobblestone streets and picture-perfect village life is another side of Altea, looking out across the stunning coast. Altea has a diverse range of beaches and coastline to explore, as well as the original trading port and busy promenade. You'll find fisherman still bringing in the day's catch, as well as lines of local cafes and restaurants serving up freshly caught seafood.

Beyond the more modern face of the marina, Altea's beaches are a perfect spot to soak up the scenery of the coast. In the north of Altea, the pebbled beach of Cap Negret offers discreet coves, especially the black-pebbled cove of Cala de Soio.

South of the old town, the coast extends into the La Roda and Cap Blanc beaches. The clear azure waters offer the perfect place to try out a variety of watersports or hire a yacht to explore the coastline at your leisure - or simply enjoy the sun and fresh sea breeze in cost and secluded spots to enjoy along the waterfront.

Despite its growing popularity, Altea retains its distinct persona - making it a enjoyable and memorable spot for your Spanish holiday destination. Perfect for all the family, a holiday villa within this unique village provides the perfect place to explore this charming region and experience a truly special getaway in the sun.


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